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Terms and Conditions to Place an Order in

 A- Complete this form or call 800-570-7133, to place an order. You must provide us with as much information as possible about the property you'd like surveyed so that we can provide you with the correct service and quote. We are not responsible for the information provided here, for any errors or omissions in the information you provide, we are not responsible and will not assume any liability arising from such errors. You must specify everything you want from us in each order, what is not written will not be assumed by us. Based on the type and size of the property we will give you a price for our finished work. All information collected on this form is secure, we use secure methods to store this information, our site has a SSL Security Certificate. We also do not share this information such as names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc. with third parties.  ​

 B- Once you have accepted a price and are satisfied with it, we will send you an invoice via email, (with a Square payment link) so that you can be responsible for the payment of our service. This step is very important because until this First Step is completed we do not continue to the next step. 

 C- After completing the two previous steps (A and B) we will have a delivery time of TWO or THREE WEEKS after confirmation of payment. It is always half that time, but not always, for example, the rainy season from May to July and some holidays will make us delay the time mentioned above. We can also prioritize some orders (Rush), but for this, you must call us and tell us or write it down in "Order Details".  

​ D- We start with the process of our work requires Four (4) Steps that none of us should skip in this order:  

  1.   Office Work: Perform a complete search of all the information of the property to be surveyed: Legal Description, Plats, Flood Zone, etc. We process the payment in this step.

  2. Field Work: Our field team travels to a specific location where it is geographically located to carry out a topographic survey of that property.    

  3. Drawing Work: We process all this information gathered in the first two steps in the office and a drafter makes a drawing with all the standard requirements.    

  4. Reviewed and Sent: It is then reviewed and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor, so that the certificate is ready, completed and sent, either by mail, email or both.  

We'll keep you posted every step of the way by email, so you know at what stage your project is. 

​ E- Payments 
Paying with Credit Card: 
All payments will be made via Square (under its terms and conditions) in the event that you wish to pay by credit or with debit card only. We will not have access to the information you provide to this payment service for credit card payments via Square. It is completely confidential between you and Square. 

Paying with Checks:
Payments by check may be sent us a check payable to:


Tayberry Group LLC

411 NE 2ND PL (UNIT 9), Cape Coral, Florida 33909

After placing the order and receiving the check, we follow the 4 steps we normally perform on each job. ​

Pay in cash: 
If you do not wish to pay by credit card or check, we can accept cash. After placing the order and one of our team members is paid in cash at the worksite, we finish our 4 steps which is the process for each job. 

F- Cancellations 
Once the order has been placed and payment processed, we are responsible for delivering the work on time and with quality. But if for any reason you decide to cancel your order, we will refund you all money, as long as the order has not passed the First Step (D-1). From the Second Step (D-2), we incur costs to carry out the fieldwork, the costs of which will not be borne by us. In this specific case, we will make a discount of 50% on the total value of the work to be done in that order. If the job is canceled during the Third Step (D-3), no money will be reimbursed, due to the fact it is in the stage previous to the final stage. You should always notify us by email or phone of the cancellation of an order as soon as possible. 
We are responsible for keeping you informed every step of the way via email.  ​

 G- Property Damage 
Our company has General Liability Insurance. If one of our field crew members causes damage to your property or a neighbor while doing his or her job, either by mistake or accident, we can assume the costs as long as we are responsible for the damage.

Our company is fully licensed and insured: LB8467

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